Practical Concepts For Straightforward Secrets For Laser Eye Surgery In Dubai

More than 5,000 people attended the event in Istanbul which brought together entrepreneurs, executives from tech and internet companies, and investors from across Asia and Europe. The process for the award was extremely comprehensive; out of 2,700 startup applications from over 135 countries, 4,000 were shortlisted. Then a startup selection team interviewed and selected the most promising 100 startups who were physically present at the four-day event. Only 50 of them moved on to pitch to investors and competed to be one of 15 finalists that underwent another round of judging by a seasoned panel of experts and investors from firms like 500 Startups, Y Combinator, Abraaj Capital, and others. Co-Founder of CashBasha, Fouad Jeryes, who received the award on behalf of the company, commented, “Representing the Middle East and Jordan in this global event for startups is truly a testament to the growing e-commerce sector in the region. By receiving this recognition, we hope to serve as an example for all the other Arab startups to continue pursuing their ambitions to solve the problems we face in our corner of the world and raising the innovation bar for the entire region.” Jeryes added, “When we established CashBasha, we set out to fill a specific need in the Middle East market and that was to build technologies to map the local and unbanked mentality to international sites so that customers could shop without the logistical hassles or unpredictability in pricing. this contact formCustomers can pay for their orders in cash and get their items to their door as easily as if they were in the US.” CashBasha currently serves customers who are looking to shop from’s entire US catalog and have it delivered to them in the region. SOURCE CashBasha

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This strengthens and flattens the cornea, improving vision. The Bowman layer is ideal for transplantation because it does not contain cells. The body often rejects cell-containing tissue transplanted from another person because it perceives the tissue as foreign and potentially dangerous. Placing it in the middle layer of the corner appears to prompt the healing response, researchers said. Because it doesn’t involve cutting or stitching, it is less risky than some procedures to treat keratoconus, including full corneal transplantation. Researchers at the Rotterdam, Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery, Melles Cornea Clinic and Amnitrans Eye Bank transplanted the Bowman layer in 22 eyes in 19 people with advanced keratoconus. These patients were not candidates for corneal cross-linking because their corneas were too steep and thin. They were also unable to wear contact lenses for an extended time, and had 20/400 vision while wearing glasses. Following the procedure, the results were as follows: Disease progression was halted in 20 of the eyes, or 90 percent, which is the main goal of the treatment. try this siteThe patients’ corrected vision improved to 20/200. All the patients could tolerate extended contact lens wear.

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